Vission & Misson

Sood Eye Hospital For Advance Eye Care Pvt. Ltd.

"Sood Eye Hospital For Advance Eye Care Pvt. Ltd." that started with a fervent mission of providing end-to-end solutions for all eye care needs at affordable cost. SEH has a world-class facility, focused primarily on quality eye care with cutting edge technology and highly skilled doctors. With a Mission – “ Strive for excellence through innovation, creativity, and spreading new knowledge "

Vision – “Global Leadership in the eye care domain", SEH strives to live up to the expectations of its patients. The patient is the most important asset of our hospital and at the heart of all our efforts to promote or restore eye health. We hold our core values - teamwork, respect, integrity and compassion very close to our heart and strive to maximize patient satisfaction.

We delight our patients through continuous quality improvement and upgrading our knowledge, skills and implementation of Quality Management Systems. Quality is thus everyone's responsibility and commitment.

Evaluating the patient feedback has provided us with an appreciation of how important it is to see our hospital from a patient's perspective this ensures patient empowerment. We also welcome patient referral and active interaction with our colleagues and other institutions.

SEH, is an icon of dynamic progress in the field of Ophthalmology.

Patient care is multi-disciplinary in nature. Every individual is cared for by the team of doctors,counselors and coordinators offering personalized care and catering to the information needs of our patients. Strategically located information kiosks ensure patients access to the 3 dimensional audio-visual displays of various eye disorders. Seamless transfer of information is ensured by diligent documentation and monitoring of electronic medical records

We also regularly conduct continuing medical education programmes.The passion and exuberance exhibited by the team of SEH is contagious and we are looking forward to continuing progress in years to come.We have a comprehensive and updated website which provides on overview of our services. Whatever your reason for visiting our hospital, we invite you to become better acquainted with Sood Eye Hospital share our enthusiasm for providing tomorrow's eye care today.

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