LASIK Eye Surgery

What is LASIK ?

Laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, popularly known in its abbreviated form as LASIK is the most preferred laser eye surgery to render treatment for hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism. Being a refractive surgery, LASIK is very efficient in achieving clearer vision by reshaping the curve of the cornea (the frontal window of the eye) so as to precisely focus light that enters eye onto the retina (tissues lined at the back of the eye). Sood Eye Hospital for Advance Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. offers LASIK eye surgery in Nagpur with cutting edge infrastructure and latest generation of laser technologies. With massive technological advances, LASIK with femtosecond lasers have now made it possible for patients to achieve 20/20 vision, who earlier could not undergo this highly successful procedure due to thin, flat or steep corneas.

Why to go for LASIK ?

How about changing the life you had been leading till now? We at Sood Eye Hospital absolutely understand the inconvenience caused by prescription glasses or contact lenses and the dampening effect it has in your day to day life and hence offer best LASIK surgery in Nagpur. So, why not go for a sophisticated procedure that is safe, proven, and trusted by millions around the world and enjoy the freedom from inconvenience? Yes, we are referring to LASIK, a safer way to approach corrected vision. With rapid recovery time and little or no pain after the procedure, it is really very easy and safe to achieve the corrected vision you had been aspiring for. Sood eye hospital, the reputed medical centre for laser surgery, Nagpur, always seeks the aid of sophisticated technology for betterment of patients and hence it is no wonder, we suggest LASIK for the patients who prefer to correct their vision.

Am I a candidate ?

Every eye is unique and hence it becomes very much essential to adopt stringent screening procedures to avoid complications and minimize risk factors, however rare they are. Few initial conditions that decides your candidature are

  • Age – 18 or more
  • Patients with medical illness such as diabetes, blood pressure may need additional investigation.
  • Prevalent eye health issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, keratoconus, and corneal diseases are not be desirable for LASIK procedure.
  • Stable vision for the last two years
  • Devoid of eye injuries
  • Pregnant women are not considered for the procedure

Subsequently, our ophthalmic surgeons who offer best LASIK surgery in Nagpur would carry out the following pre-operative tests to check and confirm your candidature for LASIK procedure.

  • Shape of cornea
  • Thickness of cornea
  • Size of pupil
  • Moistness in eyes
  • Any other prevailing ophthalmic issues including refractive error in vision

Finally, after discussing laser eye surgery cost in Nagpur at our clinic and possible outcomes, we confirm your suitability for LASIK procedure by obtaining the informed consent from your side.

LASIK Treatments

At Sood Eye Hospital, the renowned placed for laser eye surgery in Nagpur, our expert ophthalmologists perform different versions of LASIK vision correction procedures. Based on the requirement of eye care, we offer custom LASIK and bladeless LASIK procedures to achieve best results. While for the correction of nearsighted vision problems, the cornea is flattened, it is made steeper to rectify farsighted errors. More importantly, LASIK is a perfect solution to treat astigmatism by smoothening an irregular cornea. And it would be apt at this juncture to point out that Sood Eye Hospital offers treatment with most affordable laser eye surgery cost in Nagpur.

  • Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK is one of the latest advents and is highly effective than the standard LASIK procedure. Thanks to the wavefront technology, a three dimensional image of the eye is created after measuring the dimensions of eye with the aid of a special laser. With the help of the information provided by the 3-D image, our surgeons customize the treatment for your vision. This version of surgery is usually adopted when patients

  • have irregularities on the cornea surface
  • have very high refractive error in vision
  • do not have optically round eyes

Treatment Procedure

Being renowned for delivering immaculate results for LASIK in Nagpur, we always adopt best of technologies. The surgeon conducts the 3-D mapping procedure with a wavefront device and transmits a safe light ray into the eye. The light rays that are reflected from the posterior part of the eye are sequenced in a unique pattern to measure both types of aberrations – lower and higher. The visual measurements, also known as wavefront map is digitally transferred to the laser and thus enables the surgeon to conduct custom LASIK based on your vision requirements.

After numbing the eyes with sedative drops, water soluble marks are made in the eyes to facilitate realignment of corneal flap after the surgery. A suction ring is employed to hold the eyes in a steady position and with the help of microkeratome, a thin flap of cornea is created. The flap hinged on an uncut portion is folded back and an Excimer laser beam with UV light is directed towards the cornea to reshape it. The whole process lasts not more than one minute and immediately after the correction procedure by laser, the corneal flap is flipped back to bond with the underlying cornea without any stitches.

Advantages of Custom LASIK

  • No hospitalization is required as it is a day surgery
  • The possibility of achieving 20/20 is quite high
  • Difficulties in night vision is eradicated to a great extent
  • Quality of vision obtained is very good with respect to contrast sensitivity
  • Both lower and higher order aberrations can be treated.
  • Bladeless LASIK

As the name clearly implies, microkeratome blades are not used in this procedure. Instead, a precise femtosecond laser is used to create the corneal flap. Except for the procedure to create the flap, all other steps involved are same as that of conventional LASIK procedure.

Treatment Procedure

The femtosecond laser energy precisely creates a thin and hinged flap, which is subsequently flipped back to facilitate laser surgery on the surface of eye. Subsequently, the energy from Excimer laser is deployed to remove the tissue from the exposed eye surface and thereby correct the shape of cornea.

Advantages of bladeless LASIK

Along with the merits of Custom LASIK, the bladeless technology provides the additional benefits

  • High quality vision with enhanced safety
  • Less dry eye symptoms
  • Apt laser vision correction surgery for patients with thin cornea
  • Faster recovery time as cornea heals quickly.

Post surgery care

  • Upon completion of surgery, it is necessary to take rest for a while.
  • It is normal to feel mild burning or itching sensation immediately after the procedure. However, these sensations are temporary in nature.
  • Blurry vision or haziness post surgery is expected for 24 hours and clear vision is possible in two or three days.
  • It is mandatory to visit the surgeon next day for post surgery investigations.
  • Rubbing of eyes should be avoided as it may hamper the healing process by dislodging the flap.
  • Strenuous activities or exercises such as swimming and jogging should be avoided for a month.
  • It is always advisable to take rest for few days and resume normal activities only after a week.

Moreover, even while offering Cataract Treatment in Nagpur, we suggest laser route to minimize the recovery time. If you have problems in your vision, book an appointment with our ophthalmologist at our Eye Hospital in Nagpur, the most sought after medical centre for LASIK in Nagpur and get best advice to achieve better vision.

Treatment Cost

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