Diabetic Retinopathy & Its Treatment

Diabetic retinopathy is a neurodegenerative disease arising out of complications caused by diabetes. It’s the most common cause of legal blindness in adults suffering from diabetes for a prolonged period. Changes in blood glucose levels in the blood vessels lead to blockage of blood vessels that nourish the retina. As a result blood starts leaking. The fragile blood vessels thus damage the nerves resulting in impaired vision. Immediate attention needs to be given if a diabetic patient suffers from blurred vision, retinal hemorrhage and vision related persistent issues. Even a minor vision problem for a diabetic patient can become fatal & should never go unreported.

Two types of retinopathy are prevalent 1) Early diabetic retinopathy & 2) Advanced diabetic retinopathy. In a non proliferative diabetic retinopathy the blood vessels in the retina get degenerated. Blood leaks from the smaller fragile vessels & larger vessels change in diameter as well. With increase in blocked blood vessels the problem grows severe leading to acute swelling in the nerve fibers of retina.

Proliferative retinopathy stops the blood supply completely to nerve fibers resulting in abnormal growth of blood vessels in the retina, which leaks into the clear fluid substance that fills the centre of our eyes. The retina eventually gets detached from the back of the eye. Pressure gets built up damaging the nerve & resulting in glaucoma.

Symptoms that needs immediate attention to go for a retinopathy screening includes:
Blood sugar levels going uncontrolled
High blood pressure
Urine protein
Increased level of triglycerides in blood

Controlling blood sugar levels are significant in avoiding the risk of diabetic retinopathy however a drastic improvement in blood sugar level can adversely affect the retinopathy problem. It is thus advisable to seek expert help. sood super speciality eye hospital which is one of the best eye hospital in Nagpur headed by Dr. Vimal Parmar who is also one of the best eye specialist in Nagpur. The competent team of doctors, attendants & other administrative staff are friendly, co operative & always ready to help patients needing medical attention. Booking can be done online or by phone call.

While screening for diabetic retinopathy, the doctors dilate the pupils to detect changes in blood vessels or presence of abnormal growth. The retina too undergoes a detection process.

On diagnosis the patient has to undergo a procedure called laser photocoagulation that destroys growing & leaking blood vessels. An advanced surgical procedure of vitrectomy is performed depending on the condition of the patient. The procedure can be performed only in a hospital set up.

Prevention of this deadly disease can be done by following the below mentioned steps as both type I & type II diabetic patients are prone to suffer from same. Also people with heart disease, people suffering from high blood pressure & high cholesterol might develop retinopathy.

A dilated eyesight examination must be taken once a year to detect the disease early in case it has set in.

Proper diabetes management through medicine, insulin, lifestyle & exercise.

Regular urine protein check up.

A disease once detected in an early stage is curable & easy on pockets. Make sure you visit the best eye hospital situated in Nagpur for proper medical guidance & prevent progression of diabetic retinopathy. sood super speciality eye hospital is one of the best for Diabetic retinopathy treatment in Nagpur.

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