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Where eye care is concerned Sood Eye Hospital for Advance Eye Care Pvt. Ltd. leads the way. It is one of the top most eye centre in central India. We specialise in the treatment of Catarct, Glaucoma & Cornea. In addition our centre caters to the patient OCULOPLASTY & SQUINT with advanced equipments. We also serve the patient of retinal diseases especially diabetes related retinal problems.

Meet Our Expert Doctor

Dr. Ajay Sood

(M.B.B.S., M.S, (OPTH), F.R.S.H. (LONDON) )

In Nagpur, Sood Eye Hospital And Phako Surgery Centre is a recognized name in patient care. It was incepted in the year 1984. Backed with a vision to offer the best in patient care and equipped with technologically advanced healthcare facilities, we are one of the well known names in the healthcare industry. Centrally located in this hospital is easily accessible by various means of transport as it is a team of well-trained medical staff, non-medical staff and experienced clinical technicians work round-the-clock to offer various services . A team of ophthalmic subspecialist like oculoplastic, E.N.T. etc are attached to the hospital making it a comprehemsive eye care centre.

Why Choose Us

Every eye speciality under one roof
Central India's Reknown Hospital
Doctors trained at world's best Institute
Path breaking Technology for you
1,00,000+ Happy Patients


  • “I had cataract surgery on both eyes done . Vision is much better. It was a piece of cake and I can read the house number across the street. Now I feel very amazing. The treatment was good. Doctor has helped me alot to improve my vision. Thank you Dr Ajay Sood”.

    Our Patient
  • “After diagnosis of cataracts, I was tired of my glasses and tired of not being able to see. I understood why my vision had become so poor I wanted someone with a lot of practice. I knew Dr. Ajay Sood had the experience I needed and would provide the best care possible.The surgery was great. I knew my cataract was gone and my vision restored. I actually read the newspaper the next morning without my glasses. Thank You Doctor for changing my life !!”

    Our Patient
  • “My vision has improved 100%. I can wake up and see the clock. I can drive without irritated eye from my contacts. I don’t worry about my one-yr old son finger-printing my glasses. Dr Ajay Sood was awesome, kind, and patient.”

    Our Patient
  • “I cannot thank you MSEH enough for increasing my quality of life through my vision! It's constantly amazing everyday to come to the realization that THIS is my eyesight! Thank you Dr Ajay Sood truly for making me very happy and confident. Thank You so much for the treatment and bringing a positive experience.”

    Our Patient

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